The IMA-202V2 is a wall-mount version of the popular IMA-200V2 rack-mount media amplifier, perfect for all locations where no rack space is available, like in small retail outlets or coffee shops. It combines MP3 replay and FM tuner reception as music sources with a microphone input and a high-headroom power amplifier in one compact unit. Apart from its main output, an additional zone output is available. Depending on the application, the unit can be configured to either use the internal amplifier as a stereo amplifier and an external amplifier for the zone signal, or to use the internal amplifier as a dual mono unit, one for the main and one for the zone signal. A music on-hold output allows to feed the unit’s music program into a telephone system. Adding the seamless integration with fire evacuation systems, the IMA-202V2 is the perfect all-in-one solution for applications with space limitations. Also available with additional built-in Bluetooth module as IMA-202V2B.


Mixer section with one music and one microphone source

Music source switchable between internal media player/tuner, 3 rear-side connected line sources (with gain control) and one front-side 3.5mm stereo TRS line input

Internal media player/tuner with file/folder access for USB thumbdrives/SD cards up to 16GB/2000 songs, MP3 file name readout on large LCD display, regular and random play sequence, elapsed/remain time mode, FM tuner mode with RDS station display, jingle player with up to 3 jingles and additional scheduled play mode

Microphone input with phantom power, isolation transformer, low-pass filter, rear-side gain control, front-side volume control, front-side on/off switch and 2-band-EQ

Adjustable auto talk-over for automatic microphone priority

Master section with 41-click volume control and 2-Band EQ

Additional rear-side maximum level control for master

Zone section with separate volume control assignable to master signal or to two of the rear-side line inputs

Two independent internal mono amplifier blocks with RMS power of 80W@4Ohms / 50W@8Ohms each

Amplifier blocks can be assigned to carry master stereo signal or mono master and mono zone signal each

Noiseless convection cooling

Over-temperature protection

Linear power supply with toroidal transformer

Internally selectable 80Hz high pass filter for every amplifier block

Binding post speaker outputs

Preamp output configurable to carry same signal as internal amplifier block inputs or zone signal in stereo

MOH (music on hold) output with adjustable music and mic levels, isolation transformer and selectable music source from any of the 4 line inputs

Emergency priority input and output mute contact for external output muting/emergency message priority

Output mute contact to externally mute the output

Full metal wall-mount case with loudspeaker cable covers

Internal AC mains voltage setting 115/230V

CE/ROHS compliant

Available as IMA-202V2 without Bluetooth module and as IMA-202V2B with Bluetooth module


 2019 DSC LTD