Despite its compact size and focused feature set, the Hill Audio LMD-502 can serve a multitude of applications, from one-man bands to podcast production and video post-production. Basically any situation where a single microphone signal needs to be properly pre-amplified and equalized, and then mixed with a range of stereo signals, calls for the LMD-502’s presence. Unlike other mixers of its format, the LMD-502’s microphone input is not limited to dynamic microphones, but can also handle condenser microphones thanks to its switchable +12V phantom power supply. The external power supply, connected to the mixer via a locking connector, provides for low hum and noise and thus outstanding audio performance. A metal case not only provides for an elegant appearance but also ensures rigidity for the use in mobile applications. A small but extremely versatile mixer!


1 mono microphone input with wide-range gain control covering microphone and line signal sensitivities

Switchable +12V phantom power for microphone input

2-band EQ, pan control, Peak LED and volume control for mono input

2 stereo Line inputs with balance and volume control

Stereo tape record/playback port with flexible routing options (to main mix, to control room)

Control Room/headphones output with adjustable volume

Main output with volume control

2×5 LED level meter for main output

External power supply for lowest hum and high dynamics, connected via locking connector

Full metal case

CE/ROHS compliant

 2019 DSC LTD