The Hill Audio Multimix LMR-1204FX-C-USB is a 19’’-rackable live mixing desk which marks the entry-level for a subgroup-fitted model. It comprises everything required for a small live event: 4 mono channels with low-noise microphone inputs cater for acoustic sources, where the one-knob compressors make dynamics management easy and the 3-band EQs with semi-parametric mids allow for prefect tonal adjustments. 4 stereo input channels provide connections for a variety of other sources, two of these also fitted with 3.5mm TRS inputs in case the desk needs to be temporarily converted to a DJ console. The subgroups grant a structured approach to the mixdown. 2 AUX busses are provided, one of them routable pre-/post-fader for monitor or effects purposes, and the other routed postfader to the internal effects processor. This effects processor sports a large LCD display for clear readout and allows to edit up to 3 parameters per algorithm for extended effects flexibility. A USB audio interface for basic stereo replay and recording completes this comprehensive mixer concept.


4 mono mic/line inputs with gain control, one-knob compressor, 75Hz highpass filter, 3-band semiparametric EQ, 2 AUX busses, pan control and peak LED

4 stereo Line inputs with gain control, 4-band shelving EQ, balance control and peak LED

5mm Mini TRS stereo inputs in two stereo channels

60mm faders for level control in all channels

All mic channels with insert jack

Channels assignable to Master (LR) or the subgroups

2 Subgroups with external outputs, assignable to Master L or R, 60mm fader per subgroup

Switchable +48V phantom power for microphone inputs

One AUX bus fixed post-fader (assigned to internal effects), one AUX bus switchable pre/post

Post-fader AUX return re-routable to Monitor AUX send

TriCore DSP 24-Bit stereo effects processor with LCD display, external output and footswitch control. 15 algorithms in 6 groups, editable in up to 3 parameters per algorithm. Tap tempo function.

Stereo tape record/playback port with flexible routing

USB stereo soundcard for replay and recording

Control Room/headphones output with selectable source

Main output with 60mm fader and 2×10 LED level meter

SOLO function for channels and AUX send, PFL/AFL

Internal switch mode power supply

Full metal case with detachable plastic side panels and mountable metal rack ears (included)

CE/ROHS compliant


 2019 DSC LTD